Lisa Meschi


5 snabba frågor till Lisa:

Vilken var din första konsert med Sinfoniettan?
It was in January 2019, with Christian Lindberg conducting. There was a trombone concerto, a Sinfonietta by Boccherini and « Tableaux d’une exposition » by Mussorgsky. It was my first real professional orchestra concert and the first orchestra piece  I went to listen to as a kid was this piece by Mussorgsky. Life does wink at you sometimes.

Berätta något som fascinerar dig med ditt instrument:
Just the fact that a sound comes out of it… applying the hair of the bow on a string under a specific tension at a precise point will make the string vibrate, transmit this vibration to piece of wood (the bridge), which in turn will transmit this vibration to the wooden box, but more particularly to a tiny piece of wood inside the instrument, called “soundpost “ in English (but I prefer the French word for that one, “âme”, which means “soul”). Without this tiny piece of wood situated inside the violin below the bridge and standing upright between the bottom and the top of the box, the instrument would not sound. What fascinates me is that all of this happens instantly and we take it for granted whereas so many people have thought about this system for centuries, to reach the perfect sound.

Om du inte vore musiker, vad skulle du göra då?
When I was a teenager I really liked mathematics and thought that if I didn’t play the violin I would probably become a mathematics teacher. I never regretted not to have chosen mathematics though.

Vilken kompositör inspirerar dig mest?
There are so many, and what inspires you also varies through life… I’m quite impressed in many ways by Brahms’compositions because they really speak to me as a listener and a performer, I get carried away every time. How could one write such beauty with such cleverness and sentiment, and make it speak to others? I don’t know

Favoritplats i världen:
Hiking in the Alps.



Kort fakta:

Med i orkestern sedan: 2019
Bosatt: Norrköping
Uppväxt: Vence, France / studied bachelors in Manchester, UK / Masters in Göteborg, Sweden




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