Cello co-principal

60% permanent position with trial period.

First round of the audition will take place via Youtube links without piano accompaniment.
– Video quality should be at least 720p, mpeg4.
– Each video is to be recorded in full body mode in one take, without cuts or adjustments.

Compulsory works in first (digital) round:
• Haydn cello concerto no2, bar 29-77.
• Two orchestral excepts recorded right after Haydn


Orchestral excerpts for first round:

01Mozart-Die Zauberflöte_vlc


Apply by emailing the following to audition@vastmanlandsmusiken.se
• Youtube link
• First Name and Last name
• Nationality
• Phone number
• Website (Optional)
• E-mail Address
• Attach CV

All applications to arrive by February 21st 2022.

For questions concerning either the position or the audition, please contact

Samuel Coppin (principal Cello) +4676-2641604, samuel.coppin@vastmanlandsmusiken.se

Friederike Vesper (union representative) +4673-6710344, friederike.vesper@vastmanlandsmusiken.s

Anna Eneroth  (orchestra coordinator) +4670-7280977, anna.eneroth@vastmanlandsmusiken.se

Second and third rounds will take place following personal invitation on March 21st 2022 at Västerås Konserthus.

Compulsory works for second and third round:
• first movement from a romantic concerto, Dvorak or Schuman
• orchestral excerpts
• ensemble round

Orchestral excerpts and music for ensemble

Orchestral excerpts and music for ensemble round for second and third round.

"Divertimento", by Bartok
"Lark quartet 2", by Haydn
"Scottish symphony", by Mendelssohn
"Symphony No1 in C Op68", by Brahms
"Verklärte Nacht Sextett vlc2", by Schönberg


Bokningsförfrågan skickas till Christofer Ekströmer
  • Önskad period


Bokningsförfrågan skickas till Magnus Båge
  • Önskad period


Bokningsförfrågan skickas till Anna-Karin Fredriksson
  • Önskad period
  • Detta fält används för valideringsändamål och ska lämnas oförändrat.
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